Why We Love Exotic Leather Bags

Exotic leather handbags are luxurious and highly sought after, but why? Keep reading for all the reasons why we’re obsessed with exotic leather goods. 


Naturally Unique

The natural pattern of authentic exotic leather like crocodiles and snakeskin simply cannot be replicated. These kinds of materials have individual unique scale patterns, making every bag one of a kind.

Exotic Leather is Always En Vogue

Exotic leather is one of the most beautiful types of materials and it will always remain in fashion. So, you can never go wrong with good exotic leather bags. 

Exotic Leather is Highly Durable

Exotic materials like crocodile and ostrich leather are thick, luxurious and incredibly supple. This is because the natural oils in the leather maintain their soft and suppleness, and prevent cracking despite extreme exposure to heat. 

An Heirloom

Because exotic leather handbags are long-lasting and timeless, they’re the perfect heirloom to pass down for generations to come. So, in hindsight, exotic leather items are really an investment. 

Exotic Leather Bags Are an Investment

With the proper care and storage, these exotic leather items will not only maintain their condition but also retain their value well. After all, they’re a piece of art. So, should you grow tired of your exotic leather item, you can easily resell them on the pre-owned market for a pretty penny. 

Exotic Leather is Exclusive

Exotic materials are made in limited quantities, which is why they’re rare and more expensive than the average cowhide leather. 

Where To Buy Exotic Leather Goods

If you want to invest in exclusive exotic leather goods, but you’re not prepared to pay millions then look into the pre-owned market. Bvaultre is Africa’s largest and most trusted source of authentic pre-owned luxury items. Shop online for rare and exclusive designer apparel and accessories or visit us at one of our boutiques for the in-store experience.

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