The ‘winged hourglass’ brand is one of the most distinguished and coveted luxury watchmakers in the world. If you’re wondering how much a brand new Longines watch will cost in ZAR, then take a minute to browse through our blog. 


La Grande Classique De Longines – R21 000

Today, this sleek and sexy watch can be seen on the wrists of all those who know how to appreciate true value. However, it debuted back in 1992. According to Longines, La Grande Classique de Longines has played a significant role in forging the reputation of the brand. Simply put, this watch collection is a symbol of Longines’ classic elegance and timeless sophistication. 

The collection includes 5 different variations and is available for both men and women. However, our favourite is definitely Sunray blue with the stainless steel strap.

La Grande Classique De Longines is a cult classic, so R21,000 is a steal.

Longines Evidenza – R35 500

It’s clear that the Longines Evideza encapsulates the roaring 20’s spirit and Art Deco design and is, in fact, directly inspired by Longines 1925 model. However, the gorgeous tonneau-shaped watch dates back to 1911. 

This emblematic collection, with its fluid, pure lines, is certainly in the purest watchmaking tradition of the brand. If you’re looking to purchase a brand new Longines watch, this model will cost you R35,500 today.

Longines PrimaLuna – R25 000 – R57 000

The Longines PrimaLuna is inspired by the moon, as its name suggests. This women’s watch collection has a moon-shaped face and is adored by diamond-encrusted dials, in silver or mother-of-pearl that glistens like the stars in the night sky. 

The price of the PrimaLuna watch is dependent on the metal and diamonds of your choice. It is also available in quartz or self-winding movement and is available in a 3-hand version that indicates the date and the moon phase (of course).

Longines Dolcevita X YVY – R28 500

As its name suggests, this Longines watch is for the one who appreciates a life of pleasure and luxury. However, the X YVY is one-up from the classic Dolcevita watch. The X YVY version has the same luxurious rectangular design, only it comes with an additional leather strap attached. By playing with the different shades of leather, the straps can be interchanged depending on your mood and style at the time. What’s more, the thin strap can also be worn on its own as an accessory. 

This Longines watch was designed by Yvonne Reichmuth, founder of the company YVY, hence the name. 

You can grab it for R28,500 for a brand new timepiece. 

Longines Elegant Collection – R31 000 – R58 000

The Longines Elegant collection is an ode to the old world, resembling charming pocket watches and mechanical clocks amongst the elite. The Elegant Collection is the perfect embodiment of the classical design and sleek lines typical of the winged hourglass brand. 

The casing is a simple, clean circle, and the lugs are short and reminiscent of antique wire lugs. Available in 34.5mm and 39mm options, all bases are covered between a vintage-standard and vintage-jumbo diameter to ensure that this unisex Longines Elegance watch can enhance the look of its wearer.

Available in three sizes and fitted with self-winding, mechanical movements, these watches offer a broad choice of dials, each presenting its own definition of elegance.

Where To Buy Longines

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