State Of The Luxury Market In Africa Report 2021

In what has been a challenging period for many industries, 2021 has seen the resilience of the luxury goods market globally. Powerhouse French players such as LVMH and Hermès did incredibly well, reporting 56% and 77% growth compared to the 2020 year respectively. ALSO SEE: Bvaultre’s State of The Luxury Market Africa 2023Bvaultre’s State of […]

33 Fabulous Fashion Quotes | Bvaultre’s Luxury South Africa Blog

Looking for inspiration from high-fashion designers and other fashionistas? We’ve got you. Keep reading interesting quotes from iconic people. ALSO SEE: ICONIC QUOTES & OUTFITS FROM PIONEERS OF LUXURY FASHION Iconic Fashion Quotes “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” —Marilyn Monroe 2. “Never, ever confuse what happens on a […]

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