Reasons Why Men Should Wear Bags

Most people see bags as a women’s accessory, however, there is an increasing number of men that are joining in on the action. Not only are designer bags useful, but they’re also a major flex! Keep reading for more reasons why men should wear designer bags. 

No Space For Your Essentials

If you’re a fashionable man, you’ll know the struggle of finding stylish pants–only to realise that they have faux pockets or no pockets at all! So, even if you carry light you’ll need your essentials in your hand–which is not a good look. 

A man-purse or ‘murse’ is the perfect solution–it can even level up your look.

Bulky Pockets

Even if your pants have substantial space in the pockets, filling them to their capacity is just not a good look. Frankly put, there shouldn’t be any bulges coming from your pants!

It’s Fashionable

Regardless of your style or gender, a designer bag just has the ability to elevate any kind of aesthetic and make you look luxurious as ever. 

For instance, you can never go wrong with a monogram Gucci murse or a Louis Vuitton belt bag. 

They’re Trendy

On the runway we often see men adorned in stylish compact murses. In fact, androgynous fashion is on the rise–especially in high-fashion brands like Gucci, and Telfar. 

For years we’ve seen designer bags on some of the most fashionable celebrities including Pharrell, A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles as well as local celebs like DJ Maphorisa and AKA. 


They’re An Investment

No really. Designer handbags are an investment in your style and pocket too. In 2021, designer handbags showed a resale value of up to 68%

So, unlike other frivolous products, you can sell it off for a good ROI whenever you grow tired of it. 


Historically Gender-Neutral

Historically, men would wear bags for centuries, in fact, it was a staple part of the average man’s outfit before pockets were invented. 

Regardless of your gender, a designer bag is an accessory that can boost any look–it just adds some pizzazz and creativity to a simple outfit. 

A man with a designer bag is not only more comfortable and stylish–but it shows that he is comfortable in his sexuality and unafraid of trying new things. 

Where To Buy Designer Bags For Men

Whether it’s a formal luxury briefcase or an everyday designer bag, Bvaultre has got what you need. Shop men’s and women’s designer handbags, shoes, watches and more at one of Bvaultre’s boutiques or shop online.

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