Designer sunglasses are more than clout-worthy eyewear – they’re a stylish investment. Keep reading to open your eyes about all the reasons why designer sunglasses are worth the price tag.

Designer Sunglasses Are High Quality

Yes, designer sunglasses are significantly more expensive than cheapies but paying a bit extra for quality secures your long term investment. Designer brands like Prada, Bulgari and Dior only make their products with premium quality materials ensuring that they’ll last longer than knock-offs that break easily and cause you to rebuy new ones every so often.

You Can Resell Designer Sunglasses

Luxury sunglasses have long lifespans – but what happens when you get sick of the style? That’s easy, just cash in your investment by reselling your item. 

Authentic luxury resellers like Bvaultre are always willing to buy your old designer accessories so you can use the extra capital to buy even more. This is also a form of sustainable shopping which means you aren’t putting unnecessary pressure on the planet to produce a new item, unlike the fast fashion industry that’s bad for the environment.

They’re Clout-Worthy

Besides being highly functional, designer sunglasses have also become a necessary high fashion accessory. 

What’s more, you don’t have to be an expert to see that luxury sunglasses look and feel better than imitation sunnies. Additionally, stylish frames, uniquely shaped lenses and embossed logos all contribute to a high fashion aesthetic. Owning the bragging rights of an authentic luxury label doesn’t hurt either!

They Offer Better Protection

It’s important to wear sunglasses even in winter as the sun has harsh effects on your eyes as well as the soft skin around them. 

While not all luxury sunglasses are made with UV protection, it’s certainly worth adding a few more rands for the extra protection. This is because they block out the sun’s UV rays better, improve bright light visibility while reducing glare.

Where to Buy Authentic Designer Sunglasses

If you’re looking to make a fashionable investment, start with us! Bvaultre stocks a wide range of authentic designer sunglasses online and in-store. What are you waiting for? Start shopping now.

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