Our Favourite Tiffany & Co. Jewellery

Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has created the most revolutionary and charming jewellery pieces in the world. However, with their extensive range of jewellery collections, you might be stumped as to which pieces to purchase. So, keep reading for our favourite Tiffany & Co jewellery items today.


Heart Tag Charm Bracelet

Coming from the iconic ‘Return to Tiffany’ collection, the two keychain designs launched in 1969, and are still a popular option. Each item in the original collection had a unique registration number and a dangling motif with the text “Please Return to Tiffany & Co. New York”, ensuring that if the keys were ever lost, all the finder had to do was toss them into a mailbox and they’d be sent back to the jeweller, who would look up the registration number and contact the owner. 

Today, the collection has become a powerful symbol of Tiffany’s legacy. One of the most iconic to come out from the collection is the beautiful heart tag charm bracelet. It’s available in sterling silver, stainless silver, 18 karat gold, and more.

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Engagement Ring

Did you know Tiffany invited the traditional engagement ring as we know it? The ‘Tiffany setting’ was designed in 1886 and includes a diamond solitaire ring that rises above the brand, much flashier than other engagement rings and regarded as revolutionary. Today, the ‘Tiffany setting’ ring is the diamond standard (excuse the pun). 

Enchant Heart Lock Pendant

Another charming piece with a history behind it is the Tiffany Enchant Heart Lock Pendant. 

The heart-shaped padlock draws inspiration from 19th-century lockets shaped like padlocks. These Victorian-era lockets are accompanied by a small key. Wearers often stored small pictures and even locks of their loved one’s hair, as was customary at the time. 

So, besides its charming design, part of the Enchant Heart Lock’s allure is that it represents love. Today, this jewellery piece comes in a variety of finishes, with the option of diamonds and gemstones as well.

Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Pendant

Resembling the Return to Tiffany line, Tiffany revamped the line with their ‘Color Splash’ collection. As the title suggests, these pieces appear to have a splatter of paint. However, our favourite colour of the collection is definitely Tiffany’s signature blue colour. 

This pendant has a tasteful yet interesting twist to a classic piece. 

Tiffany T Bracelet

If you’re a lover of the Cartier Love Bracelet, you might like this too. The Tiffany T bracelet is sleek and minimalist. Designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof in 2015, she was inspired by New York’s creativity and the lightness of Tiffany’s bracelets from the archives. The collection also includes necklaces, cuffs, and rings–all designed to be layered. 

The title’s name derives from the ‘T’ shape, representing the brand’s initials. 


Tiffany 1837 Ring

The ‘1837’ collection is a tribute to the year Tiffany was founded and was released to celebrate the brand’s 175th anniversary. Albeit simple, the ring exudes sophisticated elegance. 

Today, the ring is available in a variety of metals, however, the ring was originally launched in ‘Rubedo’, a beautiful blush-gold (a combination of gold, silver, and copper) which was invented by Tiffany in 1837. The brand states were inspired by the light of dawn.

Diamonds By The Yard

Elsa Peretti is one of the most revolutionary jewellery makers in history. Peretti joined Tiffany in 1974, she made sterling silver luxurious and changed the status quo to include diamonds as an everyday aesthetic rather than a formal jewellery item. She also mixed precious metal and silk cord—unheard of until then.

Creating over 30 collections for Tiffany, her best-selling line is the ‘Diamonds by the Yard’ set of jewellery. Simple yet stunning, the Diamonds by the Yard necklace feature small, shimmering diamonds in a simple setting. They can be configured in different ways for a unique, individual look. 

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