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Nike SB Dunk Low Sandy Bodecker: A Tribute to a Skateboarding Legend

Sandy Bodecker is a legend in skateboarding and sneaker culture. He is one of the founders of Nike.'Nike SB, the skateboard division, played a major role in shaping the brand'identity and success. The Nike SB Dunk Low Sandy Bodecker is a tribute to this trailblazing figure and his contributions to skateboarding.

The design

this Nike SB Dunk Low Sandy Bodecker Designed by Sandy Bodecker himself, in collaboration with Nike SB designer James Arizumi. It was released in December 2019, a year after Bodecker's death. The shoe features a simple, understated design with a white leather upper and black overlays. The Nike Swoosh is also black, and the shoe sits on a rubber sole.


The Nike SB Dunk Low Sandy Bodecker is filled with subtle details that pay tribute to Bodecker's life and legacy. The insole features Bodecker's signature graphic, as well as his birth and death dates. The tongue label features the Nike SB logo and Bodecker's face.

The sole of the shoe is made of rubber, one of Bodecker's favorite materials to use in his skateboard designs, and the insole is printed with Bodecker's face and the words “In Memory of Sandy Bodecker”.


Sandy Bodecker is not only a skateboarding legend, but also a passionate advocate for the sport. He helped push skateboarding to become an Olympic sport and helped take it to the global stage. His contributions to the sport and Nike SB have left an indelible mark on both industries.

The Nike SB Dunk Low Sandy Bodecker is a fitting tribute to this visionary. It celebrates his life and legacy and serves as a reminder of his impact on the skateboarding and sneaker worlds. Not only is this shoe beautifully designed, it is a meaningful symbol of Sandy Bodecker's lasting influence.

All in all, the Nike SB Dunk Low Sandy Bodecker is a shoe that every sneakerhead and skateboarder should own. It is beautifully designed, pays homage to a skateboarding legend, and celebrates his life and legacy. Whether you are a skateboarder or just appreciate great design, the Nike SB Dunk Low Sandy Bodecker is a must-have.

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