While exotic leather handbags are durable and long-lasting, you need to take care of your leather items in order to maintain their condition and value. If you’re wondering how to do that, we’ve put together some tips for caring for your exotic leather bag. 


Clean Regularly

To remove dirt, dust, and grime, carefully wipe your bag with a soft, damp cloth in a circular motion. Water should do the trick, but if you’re dealing with stubborn dirt then use soap specifically made for exotic leather. You can also use a soft cleaning brush to get in between the cracks of your leather. 

Avoid Water

Excessive water to authentic exotic leather can cause spots and stains, and when left to dry, it can cause cracking. So, when you’ve completed cleaning your handbag, leave it in a cool dry area and try to remove as much moisture as possible. 


That goes for storage too. Store your exotic leather bags in a cool, dry place. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can just chuck your items in a closet. Ideally, your exotic leather items should be on display, like the artwork they are. You can also keep them in your original dustbag to prevent any scratches or other damage. 

How To Clean Specific Exotic Leathers

Crocodile Leather

Crocodile, or alligator, leather is one of the most rigid exotic leather materials. But of course, they still need to be taken care of.  

For routine cleaning, a soft brush or damp cloth will do just fine. You can also use saddle soap to give them a deep clean every once in a while. Moreover, using reptile leather can ensure that your crocodile leather purse is in perfect condition. 

Ostrich Leather

Another strong contender is ostrich leather, however, it can be tricky to care for. Ostrich leather reacts poorly to oils, including oils excreted from our skin. So, avoid oil-based cleaners or conditioners unless they’re specifically designed for this type of exotic leather using a clean cloth or brush. 

Snakeskin Leather

Python leather is one of the most commonly used snakeskin materials. However, all snakeskin leather is generally delicate given the type of animal it comes from. So, be very careful when cleaning or even carrying around this type of item. Clean this exotic leather regularly but follow the scales rather than going against it to avoid damage. Regularly condition your leather with reptile wax or restorative will keep all the scales intact. 

Where To Buy Exotic Leather Bags

Unlike other designer items, exotic leather handbags are considered rare and often a collector’s item to many die-hard fashionistas. That’s why exotic leather bags are still extremely valuable on the pre-owned market. Shop the best authentic exotic leather items at Bvaultre today. 

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