How To Authenticate Goyard Bags

Goyard is a world-renowned French fashion label known for its high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and fashionable designs. However, you simply won’t get these benefits when purchasing a knock-off as it’s easy to see!

If you don’t know how to authenticate a Goyard bag, don’t stress – we’ve got you. Keep reading for all the ways you can spot a fake and stay authentic.

Authenticate Goyard By Its Serial Numbers

All authentic Goyard bags have a serial number on the inside of the item. On older Goyard St. Louis totes, you can find it clearly printed on the interior pouch. For later models, serial numbers can be found embossed on the end of the leather strap connecting the pouch to the tote.

Size and font are important – so pay attention to the way the serial number is embossed. If they’re discreet, your bag is authentic. If the font size is bulky and untidy – you’re likely to have a fake on your hands.

Learn more a brief history of Goyard in our previous blog.

Pay Attention to The Stitching

Unless it is not real, you’ll never find a poorly made designer bag so much sure you’re looking out for well-constructed and precise stitching.

Black and brown Goyard bags always has a true black seam, while the other colours are always embroidered with a white seam. What’s more, the end of the handle will feature a vertical seam directly in the middle neatly.

Dust Bags

Goyard lining and dust bags are made out of the same stunning mustard yellow cotton twill fabric. However, don’t panic if you find a chocolate brown dust bag accompanying your item, Goyard previously used brown to match their box packaging.

Although you should not depend on the authenticity of the dust bag, it is definitely a good sign when your item is accompanied by an authentic dust bag with your pre-owned Goyard bag.

Authenticate Goyard By The Zipper

The devil is really in the details. Anyone with an eye for luxury will know that a high-end brand like Goyard will feature a zip that feels heavy, luxurious and slides smoothly. Counterfeit manufacturers often use only plastic bits to cut costs. However, these can easily scratch or even peeled off.

What’s more, although they may be discreet and minimal, Goyard’s zippers also feature a signature ‘G’ in capitals.

More Details

Authentic bags also feature the Goyard name neatly printed in capital letters. Thereafter, the word ‘Paris’ will be underneath in capitals with a smaller font, followed by the words ‘Made in France’ in smaller, sans serif capital letters.

You can also spot an authentic Goyard bag by the font that’s used. Look out for the thickness of the letter ‘Y’ the left side should be thicker and the ‘G’ round base should point clearly. What’s more, the print should be neat with no signs of bleeding or staining.

The Type of Goyard Bag

Often, counterfeit producers can invent new bag styles and simply add designer branding to dupe you. If you’re unsure about certain bag styles, don’t be afraid to visit the authentic Goyard website or social media to make sure.

What’s more, although Goyard bags only come in an array of 10 colours in total, don’t be afraid if you see custom initials or designs on existing Goyard bags. This is because Goyard Paris personalises items at an extra fee. However, if you plan on reselling your luxury bag, this may affect the price.

Where to Buy Authentic Goyard Bags

Buying pre-owned luxury bags in good condition can save you so much money! However, it can be daunting as the South African market is flooded with cheapies. Make sure you purchase your designer items from a trustworthy luxury reseller like Bvaultre, Africa’s largest and most trusted pre-owned reseller.

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