How To Authenticate A Dior Saddle Bag

Iconic luxury brands like the Christian Dior Saddle bag, come with an equally large luxury price tag. That’s why many fashionistas opt for pre-owned items, but sadly the market is flooded with replicas. It goes without saying that buying counterfeit bags are not only illegal but a total waste of money, and simply just embarrassing. If you’re looking for a handbag on the pre-owned market but fear getting bamboozled, keep reading for some tips on how to authenticate a Dior Saddle bag. 


The Shape & Size of The Dior Saddle Bag

The Saddle bag is famous for its curved design that resembles the silhouette of a horse saddle (hence, its name). 

Unlike counterfeiters, luxury brands like Christian Dior pride themselves on creating items that are nothing short of perfection. The edges of the bag need to be neat, thick, smooth and perfectly sewn rather than painted on. 

Additionally, the top of the handbag curves slightly downwards, an oversight by counterfeiters who assume the top is straight. Keep your eye on the hidden parts, like the closure, if it looks sloppy, it’s probably fake.


The Label & Stitching

The stitches on an authentic label are made out of thick, high-quality thread that should be solid so that the label will remain perfectly. It should be attached to the interior lining, with rounded rectangular-shaped corners. Additionally, the label tag of an authentic Saddle bag should be fixed on its top and have “Christian Dior” and “Paris”  in front and ‘made in Italy’ or ‘made in Spain’ in capital letters, and the code on its back. It must be dead in the centre of the tag and the lettering should be in silver, gold or embossed into the leather. 

Keep in mind that older Saddle bags have double-stitching on the top left and right–with tight threading and perfect stitching lines. Note that bags produced after the mid 90’s have stitching on all four corners of the leather label, while older bags have stitching only on the top portion. 

Date Code on a Dior Saddle Bag

All Dior bags contain a date code on the back of the leather tags. The code should follow a general format: two numbers, two letters, four numbers. The first two numbers are a factory code, the middle letters indicate where the bag was produced and the last four numbers are the date, signaling when the bag was made. 

Hardware on The Dior Saddle Bag

Heavier hardware usually indicates quality and luxuriousness. However, you also need to scan the size, shape and colour of the hardware. Older models will have the ‘CD’ initials dangling off the flap of the bag, whereas newer models will simply have a single ‘D’ charm. 

In older Saddle Bags, the ‘CD’ features engraving on its left side with pointed text. But on newer models, the ‘D’ should not be engraved with rounded, bold text. 

An authentic Dior Saddle bag also has a vibrant golden hue that is not overly yellow. 

Dior Monogram

Because the Dior monogram canvas has changed over the years, it may not be the easiest feature to authenticate. 

Since the early 2000s, the width of the ‘D’ on the left-hand side is much slimmer than it was before. What’s more, the spacing of the letter ‘r’ has moved closer to the ‘D’ in the contemporary Dior monogram. 

However, there are certain limited editions that may resemble the modern Dior monogram print, particularly from the early 99’s to the year 2000. 

That’s why you need to do your research and trust your gut. If you have an inkling that an item is inauthentic, then leave it alone. 


Dust Bags

The dust bag is another quality that has changed over the years, but it still proves to be helpful in the authentication process. The dust bag may have the text ‘Christion Dior Paris’, simply just ‘Dior’ or even an additional image of a swan on it; the principle is that it must be of exceptional cotton quality in charcoal-coloured text. 

Where To Buy Authentic Christian Dior Bags

At Bvaultre, all of our items go through a strict process by our in-house team of authenticators. That’s why we pride ourselves on being Africa’s largest and most trusted source of authentic luxury goods. Shop online or visit us at one of our three boutiques today. 

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