Rado is a leading Swiss watchmaking brand in the industry for style and efficiency with over 30 horology design awards. Keep reading to learn more about Rado. 


Rado Didn’t Start as a Watchmaking Company

Rado was formed in 1917 in Switzerland by the Guggenheim brothers. However, the company solely produced watch movements rather than completed watches, at the time. It was only 40 years later that they changed the name from Schlup 8: Co. to Rado Uhren AG and started manufacturing watches as we know it today. 

The Invention of Scratch-resistance

Rado was the first to invent scratch-resistant technology with the DiaStar 1 watch. While this is common today, many still credit Rado for producing some of the best scratch-resistant watches today.

The Hardest Watch in The World

What makes the DiaStar watch even more memorable is that it is made with sapphire and diamonds and has an ultra Swiss quartz movement. The watch has a hardness factor of 10 000 Vickers, which is why it is called a V10K. Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, which is why it is the only material with this rating. This innovation put them in the Guinness world record books.

More Than 30 Design Awards

Rado is known for its commitment to innovation and for pushing the boundaries when it comes to watch design, which is why it deserved over 30 design awards. This also earns the title of one of the most-awarded watch-making companies in history.

Ceramic Watch With Touch Technology

In 2013, Rado launched the Esenza Ceramic Touch; the crownless watch which allowed the user to set the time with a single swipe. This unique timepiece is an amalgamation of Swach’s years of expertise and Rado’s innovative design approach. 

Rado’s First Women’s Watch Was Released in 1996

Believe it or not, Rado only started producing women’s watches in 1996, even though they’ve been around since the early 1900’s.  The ‘Diaqueen’ watch is a beautiful combination of gold, ceramic and diamond details, and of course, scratch-proof.

Where To Buy Rado Watches in South Africa

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