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Since 1832, Longines is a company with a long and rich history, focusing on elegance and excellence. The Swiss luxury brand is not only known for aesthetics, but also for impressive manufacturing movements and tradition. Keep reading to read some interesting facts about Longines watches. 


1. Longines is Named After A Riverside Location

Longines’ first watchmaking factory was situated by a river known locally as ‘Les Longines’, which in French means ‘long meadows’. 

2. Longines Has The Oldest Watch Trademark

Never modified and still used, the iconic logo of Longines is the oldest valid trademark in the International Registry at WIPO.

The winged hourglass logo has been relevant since 1867. 

3. Albert Einstein Was a Longines Fan

Einstein was a watch fanatic, he had at least two Longines watches. One is on display at the Bern Historical Museum in Switzerland, another was auctioned off in 2008. 

4. Stores in Over 150 Countries

Longines has a strong presence all around the world, making the luxury brand one of the most global watch companies in the world. This just shows the strong presence in the market. 

5. Longines Has A Museum

The Longines museum has a detailed record of watches sold since 1867. Most iconic watch models, photographs, ads, posters, medals, testimonials and more. 

What’s more, Longines also has an entire room dedicated to past and present advertisements in the museum. 


6. Longines & Aviation

In 1927, pilot Charles Augustus Lindbergh successfully completed his first non-stop solo flight over the North Atlantic. During this flight, he realized how important latitude and longitude are in order to avoid getting lost. 

He then collaborated with Longines to develop the Lindbergh Hour Angle watch to ensure precision during flights. This revolutionary invention changed aviation forever. 

7. Longines Manufactures 1.5 Million Watches Per Year

Longines is one of the top Swiss watch manufacturers in terms of production volume and one of the largest watch brands in the world.

In fact, in 2019 Longines produced its 50 millionth watch. This means that Longines produced over fifty million watches in less than 200 years. 

Where To Buy Longines in South Africa

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