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Unlike other luxury watches, Hublot doesn’t have age or tradition by its side, however, they make up for it in revolutionary innovation. Wondering what makes Hublot different to any other luxury timepiece brand? Keep reading.


The Meaning Behind The Name

In french, Hublot means porthole. A porthole is a small window, outside of large travelling vessels, that has contributed to making Hublot so iconic. The bezel of a watch is a central part of its design, and it is exactly that, a porthole, that the bezel is meant to resemble. The iconic bezel design can be found on most Hublot watches and is an important design feature that makes them stand out from the crowd.

The World’s First Rubber Strap Watch

Rubber straps on luxury watches are the norm today, but before the 80’s it was unheard of. If you know anything about Hublot, you’ll know that they’re renowned for experimenting with new materials, so it’s not a surprise that they invented the rubber strap. 

Despite not selling a single watch at its debut in the 1980 Basel Watch Fair, the watch became a commercial success with sales in excess of $2m in its first year! The watch was even declared the ‘watch of European Royalty’ in its debut year. 

Hublot & Bernie Ecclestone

When the former chief executive of Formula One Group, Bernie Ecclestone was robbed, Hublot made lemonade out of lemons by turning it into a campaign. 

When the billionaire was mugged of his limited edition watch, he then photographed his injuries and contacted Hublot, suggesting that they use it in an ad called “See what people will do for a Hublot.”


Hublot & Sport

Hublot is known for having a close relationship with football and cricket, but the brand hands in all kinds of sports. Hublot made a limited edition watch for 16-time NBA Champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, and also has partnerships with boxing, motorsports, skiers, and poker players amongst others.

Hublot Has over 90 Stores Over The Globe

Hublot is loved and appreciated all around the world, and it has over 90 stores worldwide. Hublot’s boutiques can be found in some of the most prestigious areas in the world, including Mykonos, in London, and on 5th avenue.

Authentics Only

With any renowned luxury brand, counterfeits are always an issue. That’s why Hublot created an industry-revolutionary way of detecting fake watches. Hublot created a revolutionary smart card that allows people to authenticate their Hublot watch. This system was presented at BaselWorld in 2009.

Where To Buy Hublot in South Africa

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