Do you find yourself constantly thinking about that piece of jewellery or watch that you’ve had your eye on for so long? Do you spend hours scrolling through images, searching for the right one? Do you read each review and article to make sure it’s worth the investment? Are you worried that it may not hold its value in the future? Feelings of emotion, addiction, and disorientation are all too familiar when it comes to buying something special.

If you recognize yourself in any of these symptoms it means that you are a victim of collector’s syndrome. Don’t worry, there’s an easy solution to your problem! All you have to do is embrace it and heed the advice that I’m about to give.

Referenced dealers and retailer

When it comes to getting started in the hobby of collecting luxury watches, the most important step is to enter through the front door. This is especially true for newbies who should always opt to buy their first pieces from reputable retailers like Bvaultre. Not only will they be able to support your choice from a technical and professional standpoint, but such guarantees can also come with accurate documentation that verifies authenticity. As you become an experienced collector and make connections with knowledgeable experts, you’ll be able to trust your own judgment more – but for now, it’s essential that you rely on the dealer’s reliability.

Authentic Rolex

Information is key

It is important to consider that you are not alone in the world of watchmaking. In fact, a vast array of sources are available in the form of Instagram, YouTube, and online magazines all dedicated to this topic. These sources provide advice and share their ideas and experiences with new collectors – just like this blog.

It’s important to never give up on learning. Staying informed and keeping up with current events is paramount for forming your ideas and making sound decisions when required. Utilizing numerous, reliable sources of information helps you make your thoughts as strong as possible which builds trust in the decisions you must eventually make.

Omega Dial

Listening to your desire

In contrast to many who only think of only profit, We’d like to take a moment and remember those things that really matter. Our final suggestion is one worth taking into consideration in this ever-changing world, as it can bring about a shift of perspective. It’s important to recognise that when it comes to collecting, thinking of it as an investment isn’t necessarily wrong. Still, we advise novice collectors to select the piece they are most drawn to with their own taste in mind. Too much focus on potential future return on investment limits the range of choice and may prevent someone from fully exploring the wonderful world of luxury watch collecting.

The first steps

So you’ve found the right dealer, done all your research, and listened to your desire. It is now time to go beyond merely adhering to the principles of professionalism, information, and personal taste that the new luxury collector should embrace. We have established 4 criteria when judging a piece’s worth as a collectible: aesthetics, mechanics, rarity, and cost-effectiveness. The amalgamation of these metrics will help you determine how valuable each item is as a collectible. When visiting us enquire about these metrics and our team will help you get started on your journey as a luxury watch collector. For your convenience, we have outlined OUR TOP 5 FAVOURITE LUXURY WATCHES that we think you should have.

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