Everything You Need To Know About Louis Vuitton Microchips

Most designer bags have date codes or serial codes to identify the authenticity of the item. In the case of Louis Vuitton, date codes consist of letters and numbers which tell you the date and place of manufacture (although vintage Louis Vuitton bags may consist solely of numbers). These unique codes can be used to authenticate items. 

Louis Vuitton discontinued date codes in April 2021, although RFID chips can be found in bags dating back to 2019.

Earlier this year, Louis Vuitton switched date codes for microchips to keep up with other high fashion brands like Salvatore Ferragamo and Fendi, to name a few. These Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) microchips are much easier to authenticate because each brand simply needs to scan the barcode rather than research the date code for the item. 

The Reason For Louis Vuitton Microchips

For Louis Vuitton, date codes only tell you where it was made and which month it was manufactured. What’s more, these items are not unique, a code can be shared with other items in the same batch. Therefore, in order to properly authenticate an item, you need additional research and knowledge about the brand and product. 

Because codes are not unique to each item, it has become easy for counterfeiters to bamboozle people who lack the necessary knowledge to authenticate designer items from brands like Louis Vuitton. This is the very reason why Louis Vuitton upgraded to RFID chips in a market that is flooded with counterfeit items. The main reason these were implemented is to assist store assistants with returns and repairs. Since Louis Vuitton store assistants are not professional authenticators the ability to scan the chip assist them with authentication of returns.


What Information Does Microchip Store?

Louis Vuitton’s microchips store a lot more information than just date codes. Some of these details may include:

  • The country and factory the item was made
  • Style of the bag
  • Description of the bag
  • When the bag was sold
  • Who the bag was sold to
  • The store or website the bag was purchased from

Identifying The Louis Vuitton Microchip

If you’ve bought a Louis Vuitton item produced after the 1st March 2021, the item will likely have an RFID tag inside of it. However, these microchips are tiny, they’re small in size and thin as paper, they are also often placed under the lining of the bag and therefore cannot be seen.

There are app’s which can be downloaded to scan for the chip but the information stored on the chip is only available through a Louis Vuitton staff application not available to the public.

How to Authenticate A Louis Vuitton Bag?

Designer bag

Unfortunately, even microchips can be faked – especially since the original authenticating software is not available to the public. So, the only way to be absolutely sure that an item is authentic is to buy from Louis Vuitton retail stores or from a trusted luxury retail store like Bvaultre. 

Our authenticators have years of experience reviewing Louis Vuitton and other designer brands. This includes its materials, features, styles, codes and so many other essential details that may not be detected by the average consumer. Even without the code, our talented authenticators look at every single detail from the fonts to the grain of leathers and canvas, a great authenticator can distinguish a fake from the real deal. 


Where To Buy Authentic Louis Vuitton Items

Bvaultre is Africa’s largest and most trusted source of pre-owned and authentic luxury items. All of our items go through strict reviews from our in-house authenticators and are accompanied by an Authenticity Guarantee. We are so confident that we even give all our items a Lifetime Return Policy if you prove that any item/s purchased from Bvaultre is counterfeit we will grant you a full refund – including delivery costs. Browse our online selection or visit us in-store for all of your favourite luxury brands. 

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