How To Authenticate Fendi Handbags

The house of Fendi was founded in Rome in 1925 and is well-known for its fabulous fur, ready-to-wear fashion, leather goods, shoes and much more. But even this leading fashion house encounters copycat manufacturers. Try as they might, these counterfeit producers cannot replicate the quality and craftsmanship of an authentic Fendi item. To help you […]

5 Designer Brands That Contribute Towards Sustainability And Positive Social Changes

Albeit fabulous, the fashion industry can be harmful to the environment. This is why so many designer brands are taking drastic measures to work towards providing ethical and sustainable clothing that’s better for the planet and its inhabitants. Wondering which brands you should continue to support? Here are some of our favourite ethical and sustainable […]

5 Handbag Debuts This Season

High-end designers did not disappoint in their Spring-Summer 2022 collections, and it’s only now hitting the stores–creating a hype. If you’re not sure what to shop for, keep reading for stunning designer bags that are not only an investment but are some of the hottest luxury bags today.  Where To Shop & Drop Declutter your […]

Your Expert Guide| Bvaultre’s Luxury South Africa Blog

When buying a Rolex watch from a second-hand seller, consumers should be mindful of one major risk: being duped by a counterfeit. It is not unusual for unethical vendors to charge high prices for imitation Rolex watches that have been inexpensively fabricated especially because new Rolex’s are difficult to find in South Africa. In comparison, […]

Trending Luxury Designer Bags for 2023: The Must-Have List

From oversized bags to vegan and sustainable alternatives, there’s something for everyone. With so many choices, it can be hard to decide what to buy. Here are a few of the most popular trends for 2023. Oversized Bags Oversized bags are making a comeback in luxury fashion in 2023. This trend was popularized by the […]

How To Authenticate A Dior Saddle Bag

Iconic luxury brands like the Christian Dior Saddle bag, come with an equally large luxury price tag. That’s why many fashionistas opt for pre-owned items, but sadly the market is flooded with replicas. It goes without saying that buying counterfeit bags are not only illegal but a total waste of money, and simply just embarrassing. […]

Top Tips to Start a Luxury Pen Collection

Some people collect pointless items while others collect lavish luxury items that create meaning in our lives. The look and feel of an exquisite pen collection add a touch of elegance and power to your everyday interactions.  In fact, even when you’re not using your pen, they make for extravagant desk charms, collectable items and […]

10 Fun Facts About Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is an American jewellery and speciality retailer that is synonymous with glamour and style. Keep reading for interesting facts about Tiffany & Co., from the iconic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s to inventing the iconic engagement ring. 1. Tiffany & Co.’s Origins Founded in 1953, the company was first known as Tiffany, Young […]

Reasons Why Designer Sunglasses Are Worth The Investment

Designer sunglasses are more than clout-worthy eyewear – they’re a stylish investment. Keep reading to open your eyes about all the reasons why designer sunglasses are worth the price tag. Designer Sunglasses Are High Quality Yes, designer sunglasses are significantly more expensive than cheapies but paying a bit extra for quality secures your long term […]