6 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Counterfeit Designer Items

There is a large underground industry dedicated to ripping off designer brands for a fraction of the price. Opting for these counterfeit items may seem like the more convenient/cheaper option at first. However, choosing these fake items may cost you more than you know at the end of the day!

Here are some reasons why you should ONLY choose authentic designer brands items over knockoffs –

Low Quality Versus Top Quality

Craftsmanship in designer

We’re sure you’ve heard of the saying “you get what you pay for”, well, it applies here! High-end designers only use top-quality materials such as patent calfskin, goatskin, cowhide, canvas, top grain, python, alligator skin and the like. These materials may cost more at first however, they are high quality and (if looked after) will last you for decades to come!

Unlike these top-quality materials, fast fashion brands often appropriate the same designs using much cheaper materials such as plastic and ‘pleather’ that break after a few wears. Furthermore, designer wear is only created with the finest stitching and workmanship by expert artisans. This precise craftsmanship ensures that the items produced are perfect with no hanging threads that could potentially cause wear and tear due to poor workmanship.

See our blog on how you could authenticate designer bags yourself!

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Health Risks Of Counterfeited Designer Items

Counterfeit designer bags

Many people don’t know that buying counterfeit luxury items could pose serious health risks. These copycat manufacturers do not undergo the same rigorous testing that legitimate manufacturers follow to ensure that all items produced are safe for human use.

Not only do these knockoffs have poor craftsmanship, but they also do not comply with safety standards and therefore are possibly lethal! Sometimes these items contain dyes and toxins that are harmful. When we said designer bags are to die for this is NOT what we meant.

Sustainability In Fashion

Fast fashion and landfills

The underground industry happens to be one of the most wasteful. The reason why it is called ‘throw-away fashion’ is that once the fad fades or items break due to poor quality, the items need to be chucked. No wonder our landfills are filling up with fashion rejects!

Counterfeit items are cheap, gimmicky and break easily, therefore, people would rather throw away their old items and buy more and therefore cause an influx of landfill pollution.

Conversely, designer brands are constantly moving towards going green. For example, brands like Prada are innovating and creating designer items such as the ‘Re-Nylon’ handbag which they produce entirely from recycled material in efforts to push towards sustainability.

Authentic Designer Items Value For Your Money

Fake versus Designer handbags

We always say, “you’ll never be rich enough to be cheap”. This means that buying counterfeit items will have you buying the same product over and over due to the poor quality of the products. Whereas designer wear is quality wear that will a lifetime! Now that’s what we call value for your money.

If you’re smart, you’ll know that value is about what something is WORTH not just what it COSTS! Spending hundreds of Rands on poorly made bags with uneven seams and a broken zipper is NOT value for your money. Instead, invest in something that will last more than just a few wears… and besides, who wants to wear items that LOOK and FEEL cheap? Not us!

Fashion Trend Or Fashion Fad?

Fake designer bags

High fashion is simply a muse for the imitators. Many of these counterfeit manufacture items look like they’ve been ripped off straight from the runway!

This is problematic as many designers work long and hard on projects only for these underground industries to steal their work and take from their revenue, not to mention, exploiting workers in sweatshops – it’s basically stealing!

Nope, we prefer to go straight to the authentic source. Be a fashion leader, not a fashion follower! The recreations are often low quality and do not compare to the masterpiece of the original designer item.

Purchasing Designer Items Is An Investment!

Designer bags are an investment

Designer clothes, shoes and handbags are always in demand and hold their value. It is easy to simply resell and move on to the next item, should you wish. There is a great market for these items as they appreciate very well in value. For example, Hermès Birkin bags are worth more than gold and Chanel handbags can provide to be a better investment than purchasing property due to their appreciation value. Talk about a good investment!

So, you’re not only investing in your wardrobe but in your pocket for long term as well.

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