10 Weird Shoes on Designer Runways

We love EVERYTHING luxury, but sometimes designers are a little too daring. Take a look at some of the weirdest designer shoes on the runway. 


Bottega Veneta – Fall 2020

What is bright green, chunky and cartoonish? No, it’s not Shrek–it’s Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2020 boots! The label clearly has an affinity for neon green, sometimes it works and this time it does NOT.

At least these boots are 100% biodegradable.


Off-White x Jimmy Choo – Spring 2018

While we’re firm believers in preserving your designer items, this is a bit too far. Back in 2017, these leading designers put some plastic around a pair of classic heels and called it fashion.

Hood By Air – Spring 2017

Don’t want your haters to know your next step? Well, we found the perfect shoe for you.

Balenciaga – Spring 2017

Christmas stockings but make it designer. Even worse, these are Balenciaga shoe-pants or shants, if you will. 

Loewe – Spring 2018

Still in the Christmas mood? How about these elfin kicks. Because why wear shoes to make you appear taller when you can look like a mini mystical creature. 

Chanel – Spring 2017

Another one bytes the dust! These crazy Chanel shoes look like they came straight out of an I, Robot movie. 

Fendi – Spring 2016

We love a sock-fitting boot but these are just too close to the real deal. These Fendi sock booties are inspired by tube socks but to add to the madness, they’ve added black laces–for no reason at all. 

Nicholas Kirkwood – Spring 2019

If there’s one thing everyone hates, it’s tangled wires–so what did these designers do? Create a shoe completely entangled by wires. 

Dsquared2 – Spring 2019

Not sure if you should wear a wedge heel, a sandal or a sneaker? You don’t have to decide with this crazy shoe! 

Paco Rabanne – Fall 2019

It’s clear that sometimes designers just run out of ideas, so they draw inspiration from their surroundings. It’s clear that Paco Rabanne drew inspiration from shredded paper in their office. At least it’s original?

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